Nicktoons: Android Invasion (LeapFrog Didj Custom Learning Game)


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  • In this action-packed side-scroller, do battle as SpongeBob, Danny Phantom or El Tigre to battle robotic clones to save the planet!
  • Teaches math: one- and two-digit addition, one and two-digit subtraction, division (1-12), multiplication (0-12).
  • Library of games featuring favorite characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
  • Kids can customize the game online with the math skills they are studying in school.
  • Parents connect to the LeapFrog Learning Path to see what their child is learning.

The future of the earth lies in peril as Invader ZIM once again prepares to unleash one of his nefarious plots to take over the planet. This time, he’s readied an army of robotic clones. Kids must assume the role of SpongeBob, Danny Phantom or El Tigre to send Invader ZIM packing once and for all. Nicktoon: Android Invasion features four popular characters from Nickelodeon animated shows in an action-packed side-scrolling adventure. As children fight as their favorite characters to repulse the dastardly Invader ZIM, they’ll rely not only on the characters’ special powers but also their own powers of mathematical computation. With the forces of addition, subtraction and more at their command, children will be well equipped to defeat Invader ZIM’s android army and save the planet from ruin. Battle Robotic Clones to Save the Planet! INVAIDER ZIM has a sinister plot to overtake Earth. In this action-packed side-scroller, you’ll do battle as SpongeBob, Danny Phantom or El Tigre. Harness their special powers and your math skills to defeat the forces of evil! And, you can customize the game online with the math skills you’re studying in school.

Item Condition:Used - Very Good
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