A Trip Down Memory Lane

If this is your first time finding us, we we’re a charming little thrift store and consignment shop in Appleton, WI – located right across the street from Tom’s Drive-In on Wisconsin Avenue.

A-Town Thrift wasn’t your usual thrift shop and we wanted to stand out and be a memorable destination. From the moment you stepped through the door, you just knew we were different than the rest: clean and organized, vintage signs and antiques lined the walls and classic rock filled the air while you shopped! Over several exciting months, we met hundreds of amazing customers and watched them dance through the aisles in search of their next treasure.

Then, in March of 2015, Kwik Trip acquired the property and A-Town Thrift’s physical location was officially closed.

Now We’re Back!

This time we may not have the same physical location for you to dance up and down the aisles listening to classic rock, but we’re still striving to deliver the same timeless treasures, the same amazing deals and the same memorable experience – only now all from the comfort of your own home!

Here at A-Town Thrift Online, we enjoy the hunt just as much as you do and are always out finding new and exciting items. We make it a priority to put out cool, new items every day, so you’ll want to come back often to check out our latest selection.

We are certain you will have an exciting treasure hunting experience and will find something that is just right for you or for someone special in your life.