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Flanker 2.5 builds on the highly successful and critically acclaimed Flanker line of products. Using previously classified Russian satellite imagery and a new 3D graphics engine, Flanker 2.0 provided photo-realistic terrain, improved flight dynamics, a new 3D sound system, and accurate damage modeling create a true combat experience. Flanker 2.5 builds on the Flanker legacy, incorporating the stunning graphics and streamlined gameplay of Flanker 2.0, and adding new features only available in the sought after Version 2.5 Upgrade.

New users will be delighted by the intuitive menu system, and all players can hone their pilot skills using a suite of detailed training missions, complete with an in-cockpit flight instructor. Experienced flight simulation users will enjoy the mission editor’s detailed and powerful capabilities that allow users to create customized missions that can be flown or shared with other users.

Featuring more than 100 aircraft, ships, air defense systems, and ground vehicles, including the Su-27, Su-33, and MiG-29K, which may be flown by the user, Flanker 2.5 allows you to fully experience the true power of modern air combat. Flanker 2.5 also features:

  • A new 3D graphics engine using full texture-mapped terrain
  • A mission editor allowing the user to create realistic combat scenarios
  • Highly detailed 3D ships, aircraft and ground vehicles
  • A new 3D sound system with shift and Doppler effects
  • Multiplayer – head-to-head or cooperative missions via LAN or over the Internet
  • Carrier Operations with the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetzov
  • Aerial refueling while flying the carrier-based Su-33 and MiG-29K, perhaps one of the greatest challenges of modern combat aviation
Item Condition:Used - Good
Note:Game only. No booklet or box.
Note:Disc(s) or game cartridge may have light scuff marks or scratches, but nothing major.
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