Evel Knievel (1971) / Stunts (a.k.a. Who Is Killing The Stuntmen?) (1977)


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The ever-tanned and charismatic George Hamilton (Hollywood Ending) produced and starred as the legendary daredevil in this feature that tells his life story in flashback.

Filmed mostly on location on the stuntman’s home turf in Montana, the movie also features performances by Vic Tayback (Alice) and Sue Lyon (Lolita). Robert Foster (Jackie Brown) stars as veteran stuntman, Glen Wilson, who travels to one movie location after another to perform electrifying stunt work. When beautiful newswoman, Fiona Lewis (Innerspace), enters this all male preserve, she is initially shunned, but eventually becomes Glenn’s number one fan and lover. When Glenn’s brother dies performing a stunt, he suspects foul play, and takes his brother’s place to investigate.

Item Condition:Used - Very Good
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