Burr-Brown TM8501-2000 Data Entry Display Micro Terminal with Scanner Wand


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Burr-Brown TM8501-2000 Data Entry Display Micro Terminal

Powers on, says Self-Test OK.


Includes TM8501-2000 Terminal, Scanner Wand, Mounting Bracket, Power Supply and Long Serial Cable.

Burr-Brown’s TM8501-2000 data entry/display micro terminals provide versatility and flexibility to meet a variety of industrial data collection needs.
The TM-8501-2000 can operate in stand-alone mode in case of a host computer power failure and it’s modular design allow it to expand to meet your changing needs – whether its simple keyboard entry or a complex multi-function workstation.In addition, a protected buffered communications mode for critical transactions, such as payroll information, guarantees continued operation and no data loss in case of communication failure.
The TM8501-2000 features a 2-line by 40-character liquid crystal display (LCD). For ease of viewing in low-light areas, the display is illuminated with a soft, blue electro-luminescent back light that may be controlled either from the keyboard or from the host computer. The viewing angle is adjustable from the keyboard.
The compact size of the TM8501-2000 allows them to be installed in tight spaces that would not accommodate many standard-sized terminals. A versatile mounting system allows the unit to be placed on a desktop, attached to a wall, or mounted through an equipment panel.


Item Condition:Used - Good
Note:Powers on, says Self-Test OK. Includes Burr-Brown TM8501 device, scanning wand, long serial cable and mounting bracket.
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