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Cleaning out your house? Looking to getting rid of some things you no longer use? A-Town Thrift Online can help you sell your unwanted items quickly and get you the best possible price for all your extra stuff.

Why sell with A-Town Thrift Online? Because we take selling online to a whole new level! With us, you add your items once and are instantly exposed to millions of potential buyers. Your items are not only listed in our online store, but will also be automatically listed on eBay, Amazon and other major online marketplaces FOR FREE!



  • Listing your items in our powerful online store is free! We only charge a flat commission fee of 30% when your item sells. Keep your item listed for as long as it takes and it won’t cost you a dime.
  • We do all the work for you! You simply take pictures and add your items. We then pick up your items and sell them professionally in our online store, on eBay, Amazon and more. We handle all the inquiries, payments, shipping and any potential returns. All you have to do is sit back, relax and get paid.
  • We save you time, money and headaches! Having a rummage sale might earn you a few bucks, but do you really want  to sit on a chair in your garage for hours? Do you really want to deal with the hassle of coordinating and meeting with a buyer from Craigslist? Listing, managing and successfully selling your items on eBay, Amazon and other sites can be overwhelming and time consuming. Listing fees can add up quickly if your item doesn’t sell right away (every 3 to 7 days on eBay). Without an established, top rated account on eBay and Amazon, your listings get less views and your fees are higher. We have top rated, power seller accounts, the experience and the systems in place to sell your items quickly and effectively.
  • Reach millions of buyers from one place! With us, you don’t have to list your items again and again on different sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist. You add your items once and are instantly exposed to millions of potential buyers. eBay and Amazon alone reach 200 million unique visitors every month!
  • You get an all-in-one, simple seller’s dashboard! You will have the ability to quickly add new items, remove items, see how much you’ve earned, pending payments, view a snapshot of your total orders, total sales, recent activity of all of your items and more.
  • We deliver locally! If your item sells through our online store, we offer same day local delivery.
  • No hidden fees! No maintenance fees. No stocking fees.


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