The SimCity Box – PC


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  • Five amazing games, countless incredible cities to build
  • SimCity Societies and one Expansion
  • SimCity 4 and one Expansion
  • Snap City
  • Bonus! Spore Creature Creator, Trial Version

Immerse yourself in creativity with this massive collection of SimCity games. Choose each individual structure from chicken coops to beauty salons to billboards as you create a truly unique city with SimCity Societies. Then add a thriving tourist industry with the SimCity Societies Destinations expansion pack. Strategically balance demand, construction, and your budget with SimCity 4 Deluxe (SimCity 4 and Rush Hour) to shape the development of your metropolis, small town, or industrial city. Then try your hand at SnapCity where you can play through the goals of 25 cities in Story Mode or indulge your city-building creativity in open-ended Sandbox mode. With so many ways to build the cities of your dreams, the sky is truly the limit!

Item Condition:Used - Very Good
Note:Disc(s) or game cartridge may have light scuff marks or scratches, but nothing major.
Brand:Electronic Arts
Part Number:19073
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