Fly Like a Penguin by Marty Love


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Fly Like a Penguin tells the adventures of a Rockhopper penguin named Hopper. After being raised with Emperor penguins in Antarctica, he swims for the home of his natural family in the Falkland Islands. A great storm blows him off course and turns what should have been a fairly short trip into a long journey.

He faces danger behind every wave, danger from seals, danger from the skies, danger from creatures he might not have known about. However, he also finds help and friendship. He develops a wry sense of humor and learns many lessons.

The questions remain: Will he make it home? Does he fly? What do penguins and other creatures really do when people aren’t around?

These questions may be answered by the end of this book which can be enjoyed by children and adults who like good, clean adventure and a laugh now and then.

Item Condition:Used - Like New
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