Enterprise Social Technology by Scott Klososky


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A breakthrough executive guide to social technology crowdsourced by a leading theorist.

Every leader has heard of the business benefits of social technology, yet many still struggle to understand how to get the most out of the technological tools that are now available. Enterprise Social Technology demystifies this much-hyped subject and gives you a levelheaded, growth-focused approach to putting all kinds of social technology–not just the big, well-known platforms–to work for your organization.

Covering every aspect of social technology in the business arena–from planning and goal-setting, to assembling a social tech team, to integrating social tech with your existing online presence, to measuring the return on investment–Enterprise Social Technology presents a blueprint for success in the coming millennia.

Only a social technology pioneer such as author Scott Klososky could present these practical strategies using the very technology he describes. Scott created this book using the technique of crowdsourcing, opening authorship to those specialists who know the subject matter the best.

Learn to use social technology to your best advantage from a true tech visionary who himself has had tremendous success using Enterprise Social Technologies.

Item Condition:New
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