Dark Age of Camelot: Gold Edition – PC


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  • Start out with the original Dark Age Of Camelot — King Arthur is dead, and various factions and kingdoms are fighting for control of Camelot. Choose a side and prepare to fight for the right to rule!
  • In Dark Age Of Camelot – Shrouded Isles, you’ll extend the original storyline as you explore three new continents — new monsters, weapons and magic are available for the new character classes & races
  • Dark Age of Camelot – Foundations gives players the ability to purchase property and build their own homes, for a new level of gameplay
  • Also includes a player’s manual to introduce newcomers to the world of Camelot!

Get lost in this team-based player vs. player combat and siege warfare hybrid complete with advanced combat styles, animations and effects. Gold Edition includes original Dark Age of Camelot, Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles Expansion Pack, free one-month subscription, detailed map and a comprehensive player’s guide. Note: this online game charges a monthly fee and requires an Internet connection.

Item Condition:Used - Very Good
Note:Includes original box, booklets, maps and game discs.
Note:Disc(s) or game cartridge may have light scuff marks or scratches, but nothing major.
Brand:Vivendi Universal
Part Number:71894
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