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You Are A Marine Sharpshooter!  One Shot. One Kill.Product InformationA member of the elite Counter Terror Unit a covert American military forcewaging a silent war against terror across the globe.Dropped behind enemy lines you have uncovered a terrorist plan to construct anuclear weapon and detonate it on American soil. You must follow the plot from the deserts of Afghanistan through the Russianwinter and into the jungles of a small south pacific  island.Armed with an arsenal of precision sniper weaponry your only assistance isprovided by your observer your eyes ears and close quarters machine gun. Scope out the enemy with up to 4X scope zoom to maximize your targetingaccuracy. End the terrorist threat!Make every shot count your country is depending on it.Product Features 10 expansive missions that span 3 exotic locales; Afghanistan Chechnya and a remote south pacific island. Use a variety of precision sniper weaponry including the M40A3 M82A1 and the AW each with their own attributes. Improve your accuracy with multiple sniping positions and scope zoom. Command your observer to defend and cover your position when the action heats up. Fully scripted storyline immerses the player in the action.

Minimum Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me/XP Pentium II – 300MHz or equivalent processor 64MB RAM 500MB Hard Disk Space SVGA high-color (16-bit) 16-bit DirectX 8 compatible sound card 8MB DirectX 8 compatible video accelerator (capable of multi-texturing) DirectX 8.0a or higher (included on CD)Recommended Requirments Windows 95/98/Me/XP Pentium III – 550MHz or above 128MB RAM 500MB Hard Disk Space SVGA true-color 32 Bit Color 16-bit DirectX 8 compatible sound card 32MB DirectX 8 compatible video accelerator (capable of hardware accelerated transformation and lighting) DirectX 8.0a or higher (included on CD)

Item Condition:Used - Very Good
Note:Disc(s) or game cartridge may have light scuff marks or scratches, but nothing major.
Brand:Groove Media
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