Call of Duty 2 – PC


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  • Unprecedented enhancements from stunningly realistic graphics to seamless gameplay, thanks to the revolutionary COD2 engine
  • Fight in a wide range of locales and environments across the European Theater – even fighting The Desert Fox across the scorching sands of North Africa
  • Multiple real-world WWII missions – Use rocket-propelled grappling hooks alongside your Army Ranger squad to storm and scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc against a relentless German counterassault, and slog through urban chaos as a tank hunter in war-torn Russia
  • Rely on your squad more than ever – The new context-sensitive battle chatter system has Allied soldiers react to the events around them — they’ll draw enemy fire, lay down cover for you, use foxholes and moving tanks for cover, and warn you of incoming enemy troops and hostile fire
  • Choice-based gameplay and open-ended battlefields allow you to individualize your tactics and play missions in the order you see fit
Item Condition:Used - Very Good
Note:Original game case and booklet.
Note:Disc(s) or game cartridge may have light scuff marks or scratches, but nothing major.
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